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    JOE Abyssinian Oil Care Hair Lotion

    by alexisparenteparis

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    JOE is a biphasic product, meaning it is made up of two phases which, when mixed together, release the full power of their beneficial ingredients. Before using JOE, be sure to shake the bottle well to mix these two phases.

    Once the phases are blended, all you have to do is spray four pumps of JOE on your hair, whether it is damp or dry. Be sure to distribute the product evenly throughout your lengths and ends so that all of your hair benefits from its benefits.

    JOE has been formulated to give your hair intense shine. Besides nourishing and hydrating your hair, it leaves it incredibly shiny, reflecting the light and adding an extra dimension to your look.

    JOE's versatility allows for use on both damp and dry hair, depending on your preferences and hair routine. When applied, there is no need to rinse: JOE works throughout the day to nourish, hydrate, protect your hair and give it exceptional shine.

    It is therefore with great ease and flexibility that JOE integrates into your hair care routine, providing your hair with everything it needs to be healthy, hydrated, radiant and shiny.